This is quiet architecture. There’s lots of intelligence in it.

AAI Awards 2012 

We are a small design-led practice based in Dublin.

Projects in Ireland and France include private houses, social housing, office fit-outs, schools and bridges.

Small is good.

It means we can do what we love – architecture, not office management – and provide our clients with a personal service. We collaborate closely to ensure that our work is tailored to our clients’ needs and aspirations, that it is tuned to the way they live and work.

We listen. We think. We care about doings things well.

We team up with colleagues for larger projects. Our skills and expertise complement each other, and combining our resources enables us to carry out schemes of greater scope and scale.

Every project brings fresh ideas and challenges but certain themes run through our work.

Light, space and the connections between inside and outside; how a building sits in its setting; the tactile, sensuous qualities of construction, and the pleasure to be found in its details; how a building ages; and how it performs environmentally (we have a particular interest in healthy and sustainable architecture and have built a certified passive house).

Good design means understanding people.

We communicate effectively with clients, contractors and consultants. Architecture is a cooperative activity; we value relationships that are based on integrity and respect.

Everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.
Charles Eames

Practice established in 1993.
Registered architects in Ireland, Britain and France. Accredited Grade III Conservation Architects. Certified passive house designers.